Healthy Mind; Healthy Body; Healthy Business


As part of my drive to build a sustainable, successful business online, I am trying to become healthier and fitter. The healthy business side of things is being taken car of in the form of “The Quick Start Challenge 3.0”. As part of this course I also gained access to Craig Crawford’s “Personal Reinforcement”, which is helping to take care of the ‘mindset’.

So I joined a gym.

Gym - 1  Gym - 2

I’m a relatively fit person for my age (54), or at least I thought I was. I have a road bike I use on a regular basis, and a 25-40 mile ride is commonplace. I thought I just needed to ‘tone up’ a little.

So I attended the induction on Friday, fully expecting to be shown the machines, and then be left to ‘play’ with them; get to know them a bit better. But NO! The instructor showed me the machines, and then put me through a full hour of workouts on them. He watched everything I did closely, and formulated a workout programme for me. He told me that I need to keep to the programme for the first two weeks, to build up some stamina.
Well, the weekend wasn’t too bad, just a few niggling little pains in the abs, as I haven’t done many sit-ups or crunches in the past 15 or so years 😉 So I headed back for my second session today.

Like the opening sentence says – “OUCH”

I am hurting everywhere.
I know it will settle down again, and my muscles will get used to this and won’t hurt when I work out, but it sure as hell hurts now.

We shall see what the coming weeks bring, and I hope it’s less pain 🙂

The Quick Start Challenge – Update No 2

I have to say, week 2 of The Quick Start Challenge had me worried.
Setting up analytics, writing posts, commenting on blogs, etc. Not a problem!
I’ve been doing that sort of thing for ages, so a lot of it is second nature to me.


The last part of the challenge was more difficult. I had to make a video
I’ve made tons of videos, slide animations, whiteboard video, 3D intros & outros
but I’ve never been in front of the camera on any of them. I think I have a face for radio.Heck, I’ve never even stood up in a bar and done karaoke.

Well, after much thought, I decided that I would try a new type of video – green screen.
I explain what that is in the video below, so I hope you like it.
Once you’ve watched it, why not scroll down the page and leave me a comment,
let me know what you think of my video.

The Quick Start Challenge – Update No 1

Well, what a week it’s been!
Since the webinar last week for The Quick Start Challenge, I’ve hardly stopped. The first thing was getting a new blog set up – this one. I already had the domain name and the hostiing, so I was much further along than a lot of the members of the challenge. Within an hour of the webinar finishing I had a post written, and had dropped the link into the Facebook group and the blogroll. I actually had it in the FB blogroll, instead of the one in the members area. I managed to rectify that before the end of the week.
So that was me done for the first week. Blogging
I was active on the Facebook page, and noticed that there were a lot of people who were doing things for the first time; buying a domain and hosting, installing WordPress, adding a theme and plugins. Then writing a post to add to their new page was dauinting to a lot of the members.
We all have to start somewhere, and I remember what I was like when I first started putting myself ‘out there’ on the internet. It can be scary trying to go outside your comfort zone, and I applaud all the members who did all of these things!
It was clear that there were many differing levels of knowledge in the group, and I was surprised and uplifted to see so many people assisting others; Being so encouraging, and genuinely wanting strangers to do well. I was also caught up in this, and assisted people when and where I could, to the best of my ability. I have no doubt that the members of this group are forging some great bonds, that will stand the test of time and be beneficial in the moonths and years to come.
The second week is starting today, and the webinar is almost upon us. I can’t wait to see what challenges the new week brings, and I am excited and fired up to get going and do what needs to be done. I shall keep posting about my progress through the course, so why not sign up and get my latest posts in your inbox?

What are you doing to build your business?

Today I am starting Dean Holland’s “Quick Start Challenge” course. The course is run by Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips; all well respected and successful online entrepreneurs.
This is the third year that the course has run, so it says something for the efficacy of the course that people still want to sign up. I’ve signed up, and I assume others have, because it works! I have already spoken with past student of the course, and they are making consistent money online. Of course, some are making more than others, but that is life.

quick start challenge

So, what’s the course about?

Well, the opening headline on the sales page says
“Discover The 4 Part System That Gets You Traffic, Builds Your Email List And Banks You Cash In 28 Days Or Less – GUARANTEED”
and there you have it, in a nutshell. It’s all about building your email list, geting traffic and making money – in 28 days or less. 4 weeks. Less than a month!

What’s covered each week?

Well, at the moment I don’t know the specifics, as the course only started today, and I’m writing this post straight after the first webinar. We get the specifics of each week at the start of the week, so weeks 2-4 are still just an outline to me. But as an overall idea,

Week 1 – Establish an online presence, create a blog and get posting interesting stuff!
Week 2 – Building an email list
Week 3 – Driving traffic
Week 4 – Monetising the traffic and list
Week 5 – Bonus week?

So there’s the overall outline of the course, and I’ve started it tonight. I shall keep on updating this blog with how the course is going, and roughly what’s covered. I say ‘roughly’, as I don’t want to be giving away the whole course, do I? 😉
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