How Does Owning Your Own Profitable Publishing Business Sound?

The best ideas are often the simple ones and the best of these are the set and forget opportunities, you know the ones, you do the work once and then get paid for years to come.

Amazon has created a revolution with its range of Kindle e-readers, and with it a wide open opportunity to create your own successful eBusiness. The growth of eBook readers, smart phones and tablet computers has lead to a massive demand for digital content and Amazon, Apple, Barnes& Noble and other companies are desperate for your content, the more the better. Plus it is highly profitable!

Why do some people make things so complicated when it can be so easy?
When it comes to Kindle publishing that expression has never been truer.

So that’s why it is refreshing to find a complete course that shows you how to do it the easy way, no fluff, no flannel, just a straight forward route to publishing success.


In the “ePublishing Roadmap” successful Kindle publisher Robert Corrigan lifts the lid on his own profitable Kindle busies and shows you exactly how you can copy is system to publishing success. Nothing is left out, nothing else you need to buy or services to sign up for. Use the exact same system he used to go from zero sales to 1483 Kindle sales in 5 months.epublishing roadmap

Watch as Robert Produces shows you how to produce a Kindle book start to finish in just two hours and has it for sale in the Kindle store in less than a day.

What’s more Robert gives you his own templates, the ones he developed and uses in his own business on a daily basis so you can get it right first time every time! The ePublishing Roadmap is a complete blueprint to successfully building your own range of highly profitable books on Kindle and other eReading platforms.

Here is a little of what you will receive today when you invest in this massive opportunity:
Exclusive step by step training
Exclusive step by step check list
Printable worksheets
29 hugely informative videos
29 MP3 recordings
Interview with a successful Kindle author
Exclusive private members area
Exclusive Facebook group? Roberts own Kindle Templates in doc, docx and odf
Red hot Kindle niches eBook, get started in highly profitable niches today!

And much much more… This is a fantastic opportunity to get some of the best training around and get the most from your Kindle eBook business.

I have managed to negotiate a special deal with Robert for my loyal readers.
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Mark Zuckerberg owes me money

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Facebook Notes Is Here

Recently, Facebook rolled out a new way for people or businesses to add content. Or more precisely, they have revamped a way to add content. Facebook notes has been around for ages, but most people didn’t even know it existed. The ones that did, didn’t see a lot of use for it. To counter this, and get people using it more, rather than other social networks, it’s been given a major make-over! So now you have an area of the site where you can write extended entries about whatever you want. For an idea of what is possible with this revamped service – when using the new Notes, it’s possible to add cover photos, resize pictures and also add links and even hashtags within your posts.
As I said, ‘notes’ has been around for a long time; since 2006 actually. It was originally brought about to allow users to write longer posts than the character limit that was in operation then. In the early days of Facebook, status updates were limited to 160 characters. This was increased to 60,000 in mid July 2011. I doubt that “the social network” would have caught on so well if we were all still limited to just 160 characters.Facebook notes
Okay, so now that you know ‘notes’ exists, how do you start using it? To access it, you need to go to your own profile page, and open the ‘more’ drop-down menu. If it is enabled, you’ll find it in that menu. If you haven’t previously enabled it, then scroll right to the bottom of the menu and select ‘manage sections’. This opens a much more extensive menu, in which you will find ‘notes’. Put a tick in the adjacent box, and then click on ‘save’. Now when you go to the ‘more’ menu, ‘notes’ will be there.
Enjoy it, and use it responsibly 😉

Did You Know Windows 10 Has A Hidden Menu?

Have You Upgraded To Windows 10?

Windows 10 is a new OS by Microsoft. They decided to totally bypass ‘9’ and go straight from 8 to 10. Millions of people have ‘upgraded since the release in July, but lots of us are still discovering exactly what is possible with this new OS.

One of the things I like the most, as someone going from 8 to 10, is the inclusion of a ‘start’ button. Because ‘8’ was primarily for phones and tablets, they decided that it wasn’t needed, but it was a seriously bad omission!
Like I said, they included one in the new Windows 10, but guess what? There is also a “secret” start menu. Well, I say it’s “secret”, but it’s not really a secret. It’s not like the old ‘Easter eggs’ embedded in early versions, this is just a handy way of accessing a menu with a lot of important features. Such as ‘task manager’, the control panel, and command prompt. There are so many others on there, you really should go take a look.Windows 10 secret menu

To get access to the ‘secret’ menu, you just have to ‘right-click’ the Windows icon at the bottom left of your screen. When you do, you’ll see a pop-up menu with quite a variety of administrative tools, many of which were only previously available through the control panel, and sometimes varying levels inside the control panel. You’ll see the old ‘run’ option, as well as shutdown options and even a desktop link for quickly viewing the desktop.

For those of you that are using a touchscreen, it’s also possible to access this menu. Simply tap and hold the ‘start’ button for a few seconds, and the menu will appear.

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of this shortcut menu, because it lets you access tools that you would normally have to go through multiple menus to get to. But be careful, as there is access to some tools you might never have accessed before. For example, the Event Viewer, System information, and disk and computer management tools used to only be found in Start > All apps > Windows Administrative Tools, and for good reasons. But all in all, it’s a good thing that this new “secret” start menu puts these tools at your fingertips with one easy click.

This is the first in a number of posts I am planning on how to get the best out of Windows 10, and also the new set of privacy problems that come with it. let me know what you think, by commenting below 🙂

A Radical Shift In Internet Marketing?

Lately, a new system for communicating with people has been taking the online world by storm.
Forget Google Hangouts, or Periscope; The new kid on the block is ‘Blab’.

Blab is the new, cutting-edge video chat system, that allows you to have a video chat in real-time with up to 3 other people. You could say it’s a bit like Periscope, but for groups! Simply log in with your Twitter account, and you’re up and running. As with hangouts, many more can be present, listening and watching, and even taking part via the text window. You can even allow other people to be one of the 4 live windows and take a back seat, should you wish.
There is no time limit for the length of chat that can happen, and once it is over, the ‘moderator’ can decide whether to let the chat disappear forever, or keep a recording for future use.

A good friend of mine, James Renouf, has just released what I consider to be the seminal work on this new video chat system. He gives a step-by-step guide on how to use Blab, and also explains ways in which it can be used to build your list and explode your sales. James also describes exactly why this is such a radical shift in the IM business, and why you need to be using it, right now!

For more information – Click Here

The Radical Shift - James Renouf

Can You Afford To Start Again?

Over the last two weeks I have had a nightmare with my computers.
I decided that my old personal laptop and my work laptop were too slow to do what I wanted. I was sick and tired of clicking the mouse and having to wait a few seconds for something to happen. Over the years that I have had them, I have upgraded the RAM to the maximum they can take, and also upgraded the hard drives to a much larger capacity. Yet still they were too slow.

Toshiba Satellite L50
So I bit the bullet and shelled out over €550 for a brand new, all-singing, all-dancing laptop. The best that I could afford at the time, and as future-proof as possible.
Now, over the years I have amassed a large number of bookmarks in my browser, and also a history that I didn’t want to lose. I also have around 15 email addresses being monitored on my Outlook, complete with all the emails going back years. There are also tons and tons of programmes installed. Starting out from scratch, installing everything again and losing all my settings wasn’t an option. Moving all my data from one computer to the other shouldn’t be difficult, should it?


All Windows operating systems have had a transfer wizard included, for just this scenario. But no, that would be too simple, Windows 8 has had the ability to do this removed! So I search around on the internet, ask in some knowledgeable groups on Facebook, and eventually buy some software that, supposedly, can do it for me. I set it all up and set it off before heading for bed, thinking it will all be over when I wake in the morning. Next day it still says it is transferring files. 24 hours after I started, it is still transferring files, so I call the USA helpline from Ireland, to be told that with the amount of data I’m moving it could take up to 6 days. 6 DAYS!!
No way can I wait that long, so I uninstall the software and get a refund. Someone had mentioned a free software that would shift all the settings, so I went with that, and installed all of the software again.
So now I have my new computer working, I transfer all the files I want to keep, and wipe the hard drive of the old computer. Then re-install the operating system and it’s ready to be sold. In the mean time, I find I’m due an upgrade to Windows 10, so another night gets used up upgrading.Windows 10 Desktop
Today, I’m working merrily away on the new laptop,   and decide I need more coffee.
Off I pop to the kitchen, get into a conversation as you do, and return after maybe half an hour. The screen is blank, so I assume that it’s powered down into hibernation, and I press the power button.
Nothing! Not a beep, not even a flicker from the screen. No power light either.
I check the power cable and even get out my multimeter and check the power output – all is fine.
I look underneath, but there’s not even a catch to remove the battery.

Panic Mode!

Everything is on the hard drive of this laptop, and there’s not even a cover where I can remove it and clone it. What happens if I have to return it to the factory and they wipe the hard drive? I don’t want to start removing screws and stripping it down, as that might invalidate the warranty.
So I start searching for the manufacturers helpline details, and this is not as easy on an iPhone as it is on a computer. Their ‘responsive’ site means that I can’t get the real-time chat working, and it took me 15 minutes of searching their site to find a number to call. This is, again, in another country, but I’m used to that by now.
So I ring them, and the man on the phone couldn’t have been more helpful. It appears that Windows put out another update, and the bios chip doesn’t like it, and needs to be reset. From the way he was talking, it sounded like he had been getting calls about this all week long. Anyway, long story short, 5 minutes and it was back up and running.

It got me to thinking about backups. I back up all my websites and databases automatically, but up till now I’ve not even considered what I would do if I lost everything on my hard drive. So I’m making it a necessity that I get a new external drive and back up everything to that.

What do you have in place as a backup? Would your business go down the pan if your hard drive crashed and wasn’t recoverable?
Let me know in the comments below, I’ll be interested to hear all your horror stories.

Healthy Mind; Healthy Body; Healthy Business


As part of my drive to build a sustainable, successful business online, I am trying to become healthier and fitter. The healthy business side of things is being taken car of in the form of “The Quick Start Challenge 3.0”. As part of this course I also gained access to Craig Crawford’s “Personal Reinforcement”, which is helping to take care of the ‘mindset’.

So I joined a gym.

Gym - 1  Gym - 2

I’m a relatively fit person for my age (54), or at least I thought I was. I have a road bike I use on a regular basis, and a 25-40 mile ride is commonplace. I thought I just needed to ‘tone up’ a little.

So I attended the induction on Friday, fully expecting to be shown the machines, and then be left to ‘play’ with them; get to know them a bit better. But NO! The instructor showed me the machines, and then put me through a full hour of workouts on them. He watched everything I did closely, and formulated a workout programme for me. He told me that I need to keep to the programme for the first two weeks, to build up some stamina.
Well, the weekend wasn’t too bad, just a few niggling little pains in the abs, as I haven’t done many sit-ups or crunches in the past 15 or so years 😉 So I headed back for my second session today.

Like the opening sentence says – “OUCH”

I am hurting everywhere.
I know it will settle down again, and my muscles will get used to this and won’t hurt when I work out, but it sure as hell hurts now.

We shall see what the coming weeks bring, and I hope it’s less pain 🙂

The Quick Start Challenge – Update No 2

I have to say, week 2 of The Quick Start Challenge had me worried.
Setting up analytics, writing posts, commenting on blogs, etc. Not a problem!
I’ve been doing that sort of thing for ages, so a lot of it is second nature to me.


The last part of the challenge was more difficult. I had to make a video
I’ve made tons of videos, slide animations, whiteboard video, 3D intros & outros
but I’ve never been in front of the camera on any of them. I think I have a face for radio.Heck, I’ve never even stood up in a bar and done karaoke.

Well, after much thought, I decided that I would try a new type of video – green screen.
I explain what that is in the video below, so I hope you like it.
Once you’ve watched it, why not scroll down the page and leave me a comment,
let me know what you think of my video.

The Quick Start Challenge – Update No 1

Well, what a week it’s been!
Since the webinar last week for The Quick Start Challenge, I’ve hardly stopped. The first thing was getting a new blog set up – this one. I already had the domain name and the hostiing, so I was much further along than a lot of the members of the challenge. Within an hour of the webinar finishing I had a post written, and had dropped the link into the Facebook group and the blogroll. I actually had it in the FB blogroll, instead of the one in the members area. I managed to rectify that before the end of the week.
So that was me done for the first week. Blogging
I was active on the Facebook page, and noticed that there were a lot of people who were doing things for the first time; buying a domain and hosting, installing WordPress, adding a theme and plugins. Then writing a post to add to their new page was dauinting to a lot of the members.
We all have to start somewhere, and I remember what I was like when I first started putting myself ‘out there’ on the internet. It can be scary trying to go outside your comfort zone, and I applaud all the members who did all of these things!
It was clear that there were many differing levels of knowledge in the group, and I was surprised and uplifted to see so many people assisting others; Being so encouraging, and genuinely wanting strangers to do well. I was also caught up in this, and assisted people when and where I could, to the best of my ability. I have no doubt that the members of this group are forging some great bonds, that will stand the test of time and be beneficial in the moonths and years to come.
The second week is starting today, and the webinar is almost upon us. I can’t wait to see what challenges the new week brings, and I am excited and fired up to get going and do what needs to be done. I shall keep posting about my progress through the course, so why not sign up and get my latest posts in your inbox?

What are you doing to build your business?

Today I am starting Dean Holland’s “Quick Start Challenge” course. The course is run by Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips; all well respected and successful online entrepreneurs.
This is the third year that the course has run, so it says something for the efficacy of the course that people still want to sign up. I’ve signed up, and I assume others have, because it works! I have already spoken with past student of the course, and they are making consistent money online. Of course, some are making more than others, but that is life.

quick start challenge

So, what’s the course about?

Well, the opening headline on the sales page says
“Discover The 4 Part System That Gets You Traffic, Builds Your Email List And Banks You Cash In 28 Days Or Less – GUARANTEED”
and there you have it, in a nutshell. It’s all about building your email list, geting traffic and making money – in 28 days or less. 4 weeks. Less than a month!

What’s covered each week?

Well, at the moment I don’t know the specifics, as the course only started today, and I’m writing this post straight after the first webinar. We get the specifics of each week at the start of the week, so weeks 2-4 are still just an outline to me. But as an overall idea,

Week 1 – Establish an online presence, create a blog and get posting interesting stuff!
Week 2 – Building an email list
Week 3 – Driving traffic
Week 4 – Monetising the traffic and list
Week 5 – Bonus week?

So there’s the overall outline of the course, and I’ve started it tonight. I shall keep on updating this blog with how the course is going, and roughly what’s covered. I say ‘roughly’, as I don’t want to be giving away the whole course, do I? 😉
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