A Radical Shift In Internet Marketing?

Lately, a new system for communicating with people has been taking the online world by storm.
Forget Google Hangouts, or Periscope; The new kid on the block is ‘Blab’.

Blab is the new, cutting-edge video chat system, that allows you to have a video chat in real-time with up to 3 other people. You could say it’s a bit like Periscope, but for groups! Simply log in with your Twitter account, and you’re up and running. As with hangouts, many more can be present, listening and watching, and even taking part via the text window. You can even allow other people to be one of the 4 live windows and take a back seat, should you wish.
There is no time limit for the length of chat that can happen, and once it is over, the ‘moderator’ can decide whether to let the chat disappear forever, or keep a recording for future use.

A good friend of mine, James Renouf, has just released what I consider to be the seminal work on this new video chat system. He gives a step-by-step guide on how to use Blab, and also explains ways in which it can be used to build your list and explode your sales. James also describes exactly why this is such a radical shift in the IM business, and why you need to be using it, right now!

For more information – Click Here

The Radical Shift - James Renouf

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