How Does Owning Your Own Profitable Publishing Business Sound?

The best ideas are often the simple ones and the best of these are the set and forget opportunities, you know the ones, you do the work once and then get paid for years to come.

Amazon has created a revolution with its range of Kindle e-readers, and with it a wide open opportunity to create your own successful eBusiness. The growth of eBook readers, smart phones and tablet computers has lead to a massive demand for digital content and Amazon, Apple, Barnes& Noble and other companies are desperate for your content, the more the better. Plus it is highly profitable!

Why do some people make things so complicated when it can be so easy?
When it comes to Kindle publishing that expression has never been truer.

So that’s why it is refreshing to find a complete course that shows you how to do it the easy way, no fluff, no flannel, just a straight forward route to publishing success.


In the “ePublishing Roadmap” successful Kindle publisher Robert Corrigan lifts the lid on his own profitable Kindle busies and shows you exactly how you can copy is system to publishing success. Nothing is left out, nothing else you need to buy or services to sign up for. Use the exact same system he used to go from zero sales to 1483 Kindle sales in 5 months.epublishing roadmap

Watch as Robert Produces shows you how to produce a Kindle book start to finish in just two hours and has it for sale in the Kindle store in less than a day.

What’s more Robert gives you his own templates, the ones he developed and uses in his own business on a daily basis so you can get it right first time every time! The ePublishing Roadmap is a complete blueprint to successfully building your own range of highly profitable books on Kindle and other eReading platforms.

Here is a little of what you will receive today when you invest in this massive opportunity:
Exclusive step by step training
Exclusive step by step check list
Printable worksheets
29 hugely informative videos
29 MP3 recordings
Interview with a successful Kindle author
Exclusive private members area
Exclusive Facebook group? Roberts own Kindle Templates in doc, docx and odf
Red hot Kindle niches eBook, get started in highly profitable niches today!

And much much more… This is a fantastic opportunity to get some of the best training around and get the most from your Kindle eBook business.

I have managed to negotiate a special deal with Robert for my loyal readers.
If you click on the link below and add “krspecial” at the checkout,
you will get a whopping 25% discount!


Facebook Notes Is Here

Recently, Facebook rolled out a new way for people or businesses to add content. Or more precisely, they have revamped a way to add content. Facebook notes has been around for ages, but most people didn’t even know it existed. The ones that did, didn’t see a lot of use for it. To counter this, and get people using it more, rather than other social networks, it’s been given a major make-over! So now you have an area of the site where you can write extended entries about whatever you want. For an idea of what is possible with this revamped service – when using the new Notes, it’s possible to add cover photos, resize pictures and also add links and even hashtags within your posts.
As I said, ‘notes’ has been around for a long time; since 2006 actually. It was originally brought about to allow users to write longer posts than the character limit that was in operation then. In the early days of Facebook, status updates were limited to 160 characters. This was increased to 60,000 in mid July 2011. I doubt that “the social network” would have caught on so well if we were all still limited to just 160 characters.Facebook notes
Okay, so now that you know ‘notes’ exists, how do you start using it? To access it, you need to go to your own profile page, and open the ‘more’ drop-down menu. If it is enabled, you’ll find it in that menu. If you haven’t previously enabled it, then scroll right to the bottom of the menu and select ‘manage sections’. This opens a much more extensive menu, in which you will find ‘notes’. Put a tick in the adjacent box, and then click on ‘save’. Now when you go to the ‘more’ menu, ‘notes’ will be there.
Enjoy it, and use it responsibly 😉

Temporary Post

Welcome to my new blog, where I will be detailing my journey from beginner to seasoned internet marketer.
Watch me go from making nothing online, to earning enough that I no longer need to go out to work!
Read along as I discover what works, and just as important, what doesn’t.
All to be told in a no-nonsense way, to give you the “Straight Talk For Success”

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PS – If you have made it all the way down here, thanks so much for taking the time to read through my blog!