Facebook Notes Is Here

Recently, Facebook rolled out a new way for people or businesses to add content. Or more precisely, they have revamped a way to add content. Facebook notes has been around for ages, but most people didn’t even know it existed. The ones that did, didn’t see a lot of use for it. To counter this, and get people using it more, rather than other social networks, it’s been given a major make-over! So now you have an area of the site where you can write extended entries about whatever you want. For an idea of what is possible with this revamped service – when using the new Notes, it’s possible to add cover photos, resize pictures and also add links and even hashtags within your posts.
As I said, ‘notes’ has been around for a long time; since 2006 actually. It was originally brought about to allow users to write longer posts than the character limit that was in operation then. In the early days of Facebook, status updates were limited to 160 characters. This was increased to 60,000 in mid July 2011. I doubt that “the social network” would have caught on so well if we were all still limited to just 160 characters.Facebook notes
Okay, so now that you know ‘notes’ exists, how do you start using it? To access it, you need to go to your own profile page, and open the ‘more’ drop-down menu. If it is enabled, you’ll find it in that menu. If you haven’t previously enabled it, then scroll right to the bottom of the menu and select ‘manage sections’. This opens a much more extensive menu, in which you will find ‘notes’. Put a tick in the adjacent box, and then click on ‘save’. Now when you go to the ‘more’ menu, ‘notes’ will be there.
Enjoy it, and use it responsibly 😉

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