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As part of my drive to build a sustainable, successful business online, I am trying to become healthier and fitter. The healthy business side of things is being taken car of in the form of “The Quick Start Challenge 3.0”. As part of this course I also gained access to Craig Crawford’s “Personal Reinforcement”, which is helping to take care of the ‘mindset’.

So I joined a gym.

Gym - 1ย  Gym - 2

I’m a relatively fit person for my age (54), or at least I thought I was. I have a road bike I use on a regular basis, and a 25-40 mile ride is commonplace. I thought I just needed to ‘tone up’ a little.

So I attended the induction on Friday, fully expecting to be shown the machines, and then be left to ‘play’ with them; get to know them a bit better. But NO! The instructor showed me the machines, and then put me through a full hour of workouts on them. He watched everything I did closely, and formulated a workout programme for me. He told me that I need to keep to the programme for the first two weeks, to build up some stamina.
Well, the weekend wasn’t too bad, just a few niggling little pains in the abs, as I haven’t done many sit-ups or crunches in the past 15 or so years ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I headed back for my second session today.

Like the opening sentence says – “OUCH”

I am hurting everywhere.
I know it will settle down again, and my muscles will get used to this and won’t hurt when I work out, but it sure as hell hurts now.

We shall see what the coming weeks bring, and I hope it’s less pain ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Roy Miller

    Reply Reply July 20, 2015

    Great post, Keith. If you have a trainer, you will not be able to take it easy. They will work you out hard for the full hour. Hang in there!
    Roy Miller recently posted…Facing The GiantsMy Profile

  • Carlos Cortez

    Reply Reply July 20, 2015

    Hey there Keith,

    I myself just started back at the gym a couple of weeks ago, and I always feel the ouchness the following day, depending on the workout.

    Just keep at it for a full 12 weeks minimum and you will see resutls!

    Carlos Cortez recently posted…Do Not Be a Ghost to Your Customers or Prospectsโ€“Video Marketing WorksMy Profile

  • C’est La Vie Keith – C’est La Vie – Ouch-Ouch-Ouch!!!!
    Enjoy that pain while you can, and long may you be able to!
    My last real sporting effort was The Great North Run in 2000, about 40,000 of us on the day – marvellous experience (and I didn’t even have the physique for running – I was a Discus Thrower).
    I was 55 at the time, but now at 70, after a few minor accidents, I’ve lost the abilty to get out and walk for miles over the moors or through the woods. I can hardly manage to take 2 of my youngest grandsons to the Playpark or the river bank. It’s a major blow for me, I loved outdoor activity.
    Make the most of good honest exercise recovery pain, it’s a reminder that you can still do it Keith! Haha.
    John Reed (JohnOYork) recently posted…Local Interest In Work From HomeMy Profile

  • Hi Keith

    My partner and I are about to join a Gym or maybe…. not after reading your experience. Great post though. It put a smile on my face this morning.

    Hope the pain stops soon.

    Annette Marcantonio recently posted…The Video ChallengeMy Profile

    • keithr13

      Reply Reply July 21, 2015

      Ah, it’ll only hurt for a short while, until my muscles get used to the hard work again ๐Ÿ™‚
      Another 2-3 sessions and I’ll be back at it like a pro!

  • Kevin Everett

    Reply Reply July 21, 2015

    Ah the sweet pain of DOMS ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the smell of Tiger Balm in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done for taking action yet again Keith.
    Kevin Everett recently posted…Effortlessly Build Your Email ListMy Profile

  • mike

    Reply Reply July 22, 2015

    Now that’s straight talk. But I guess everything comes at a price…

  • Barbara O'Toole

    Reply Reply July 24, 2015

    It does all come into play together when you’re an entrepreneur, that’s for sure!

    Barbara O’Toole recently posted…Comment on 7 Simple Steps to Setting Up Your Blog’s Email Sign Up Form by Barbara O’TooleMy Profile

  • Barbara Dowling

    Reply Reply July 25, 2015

    Great post Keith! I had a fitness coach 24 years ago because I was determined not to let age 40 get me down. I actually got down to a size 8 and was in the best shape ever after that. It only hurts in the beginning! After that you really look forward to going. My husband and I talked about adding exercise to our low carb diet. We have each lost 15 pounds and are probably ready to start some moderate exercise. You have been an inspiration… it’s time to get fit again!
    Barbara Dowling recently posted…Opt in Form is Done!My Profile

  • Steven Brough

    Reply Reply July 25, 2015

    Hi,its Steven here from QSC,

    Great post. We should not only focus on our financial freedom but on our overall health as well. Keep it up. Cheers!
    Steven Brough recently posted…My Quick Start Challenge VideoMy Profile

  • Ozer Tayiz

    Reply Reply July 26, 2015

    I can definitely relate. I also started a workout program, but because I have burned before, started too hard, then flet the pain for days, I learned my lesson. I now start very slow at the beginning, then gradually increase the exercise intensity. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Ozer Tayiz recently posted…My favorite autoresponder and 2 plr sitesMy Profile

  • Another ’61 baby. I totally empathise with you Keith. I’m just starting to take my fitness a little bit more seriously too. My only claim to trying to get fit though is a 3 mile cycle to work on alternate days, which is killing me!

    However, your mention of a trainer and how he is driving you links nicely back to what Dean said in his introductory video where he talks about a similar thing – you can try by yourself and get some results, but to really succeed you need external impetus and the same can be said for online marketing. Dean and his comrades are providing that drive along with the other members of the Quick Start Challenge. I see success ahead for all of us.

    Good luck in your fitness challenge.


    Steven Lucas
    Steven Lucas Marketing Mentor recently posted…What Are You An Expert At?My Profile

  • Irena

    Reply Reply July 26, 2015

    I hate gym and fitness but I love your blog. Perhaps you’ll become my inspiration to start my workout. I think getting a coach is a great idea.

  • phoebe

    Reply Reply July 27, 2015

    wow keith! You really put us youngsters to shame… at 54 years old, you are have set the standard for healthy living! All the best to your shaping up journey! I’m going to put on my running shoes and shorts and get to the beach for a run! I wake up to see the beach every morning beach but have never gone there for any exercise…
    phoebe recently posted…Need to Go Viral – Here’s How to Get FREE Traffic!My Profile

  • No Gain Without Pain Keith.

    Good on you for taking the action.

    Like your opt-in , it’s got that little bit extra.

    At first I thought you had forgotten to ‘captcha’ the email address – until I clicked on it.

    Well done.

    Annette Marcantonio recently posted…A Challenge Completed On TimeMy Profile

  • Art Avington

    Reply Reply July 28, 2015

    Hi Keith,

    Art here from QSC… Nice job completing the challenge and you have a great looking site.

    As far as the exercise program, I too have started a program in which I’m being taught that my diet plays a big role in losing weight too. I’m trying not to over do my weight lifting and cardiovascular workout, as I don’t want to hurt myself.

    Good luck in both staying healthy and the QSC program!

    To Your Success,

    Art Avington recently posted…Week #3 of The Quick Start ChallengeMy Profile

  • Lynne

    Reply Reply July 29, 2015

    Hi Keith,

    You’re doing what I should be doing… It is on my ‘to do later’ list ๐Ÿ™‚

    So congratulations on actually getting into it, I’m sure there will be a ton of benefits and make all the pain worthwhile!
    Lynne recently posted…Getting it Done not Perfect! – QSC Week 3My Profile

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