How to enable comments

When setting up WordPress for the first time, many people have trouble enabling comments.
I thought I’d put something together that should help. For most themes, this should work.

On your dashboard, go to “Settings”, then ” Discussion”


Put a tick in the box that says “Allow people to post comments on new articles”


Now people can post comments an any NEW posts you make

For any posts you have already made, go to “Posts”, “all posts”, then hover over the title of the post and a menu will appear. Click on “Quick Edit”


Now put a tick in the “allow comments box”


And you’re done!
Now people can comment on all of your posts.

One thought on “How to enable comments

  1. Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the details here. I’m really having a lot of difficulty enabling comments. I did all the above you mentioned but it still doesn’t show… Could you help me out pls?

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