Healthy Mind; Healthy Body; Healthy Business


As part of my drive to build a sustainable, successful business online, I am trying to become healthier and fitter. The healthy business side of things is being taken car of in the form of “The Quick Start Challenge 3.0”. As part of this course I also gained access to Craig Crawford’s “Personal Reinforcement”, which is helping to take care of the ‘mindset’.

So I joined a gym.

Gym - 1  Gym - 2

I’m a relatively fit person for my age (54), or at least I thought I was. I have a road bike I use on a regular basis, and a 25-40 mile ride is commonplace. I thought I just needed to ‘tone up’ a little.

So I attended the induction on Friday, fully expecting to be shown the machines, and then be left to ‘play’ with them; get to know them a bit better. But NO! The instructor showed me the machines, and then put me through a full hour of workouts on them. He watched everything I did closely, and formulated a workout programme for me. He told me that I need to keep to the programme for the first two weeks, to build up some stamina.
Well, the weekend wasn’t too bad, just a few niggling little pains in the abs, as I haven’t done many sit-ups or crunches in the past 15 or so years 😉 So I headed back for my second session today.

Like the opening sentence says – “OUCH”

I am hurting everywhere.
I know it will settle down again, and my muscles will get used to this and won’t hurt when I work out, but it sure as hell hurts now.

We shall see what the coming weeks bring, and I hope it’s less pain 🙂