What are you doing to build your business?

Today I am starting Dean Holland’s “Quick Start Challenge” course. The course is run by Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips; all well respected and successful online entrepreneurs.
This is the third year that the course has run, so it says something for the efficacy of the course that people still want to sign up. I’ve signed up, and I assume others have, because it works! I have already spoken with past student of the course, and they are making consistent money online. Of course, some are making more than others, but that is life.

quick start challenge

So, what’s the course about?

Well, the opening headline on the sales page says
“Discover The 4 Part System That Gets You Traffic, Builds Your Email List And Banks You Cash In 28 Days Or Less – GUARANTEED”
and there you have it, in a nutshell. It’s all about building your email list, geting traffic and making money – in 28 days or less. 4 weeks. Less than a month!

What’s covered each week?

Well, at the moment I don’t know the specifics, as the course only started today, and I’m writing this post straight after the first webinar. We get the specifics of each week at the start of the week, so weeks 2-4 are still just an outline to me. But as an overall idea,

Week 1 – Establish an online presence, create a blog and get posting interesting stuff!
Week 2 – Building an email list
Week 3 – Driving traffic
Week 4 – Monetising the traffic and list
Week 5 – Bonus week?

So there’s the overall outline of the course, and I’ve started it tonight. I shall keep on updating this blog with how the course is going, and roughly what’s covered. I say ‘roughly’, as I don’t want to be giving away the whole course, do I? 😉
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18 thoughts on “What are you doing to build your business?

  1. Thanks Keith,

    I noticed you are very active member over at the “Quick Start Challenge”

    Take actions……You can’t loose in the long run 🙂

    Cheers Mate 🙂

    1. Hey Col, thanks for dropping by, I appreciate every viewer. Yes, I am very active with the “Quick Start Challenge” it is a very good course, and I want everyone to succeed.

  2. Hey Keith; thought I’d drop by to read your post, while I wait for the recording of the Quick Start Challenge Week-1 Webinar.

    I may as well ‘comment’ and get some activity and positive energy flowing.

    1. Duane, thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Did you get to see the replay yet? Can’t wait to start seeing everyone’s efforts

    1. Hey Shamrock, thanks for taking the time to visit, I appreciate it. Just get on with it, and if you get any problems, just give a shout out on the FB page!

  3. I wish you luck with the challenge Keith.

    I too am taking part and it is good to see others taking action and getting involved.

    There are hundreds registered for this years challenge, I wonder how many will take consistent action and see it through?

    There are a couple of people that are already standing out and whose name I have noticed, and you are one of them. Keep up the good work.

    1. Lloyd, I wish you luck with the challenge too!
      Yes, there does seem to be a large amount of people registered, and a lot probably won’t make it to the end, for various reasons. I’m determined to succeed at this, and I hope to see you at the finish line, and beyond.

  4. Hi Keith,

    I look forward to following your progress here, and on the Quick Start Challenge. It certainly has got many people talking, and seems to be set to deliver a whole lot of value for the low entry level asking price.

    I have written a blog post on the subject of personal branding which kicks off my QSC on my blog here if you get the time: http://antcarter.com/your-need-for-personal-branding-has-never-been-greater/

    Good luck – see you in the group at some stage. Ant.

    1. Hi Ant, I look forward to watching your progress on the course too. I shall pop over and take a look at your new post, thanks for the link 🙂
      We must chat on Facebook sometime.

      1. That sounds good Keith – good luck this week.

        Excuse the self promotion, but you’ve got to do it … I welcome a link on my blog to an article I might find of interest here too

  5. Good Start Keith. The key is consistency, passion and committment to get that thing flowing from your mind. Let it move and you’ll be somewhere tomorrow.

  6. This is a really good recap of the Quick Start Challenge. It’s amazing how simple it is. Certainly not easy, but definitely simple.

    Good luck with the challenge.

  7. I went through the QSC last year. I found that it helped me to overcome some of my fears about putting myself “out there.”

    I agree with Keyur Amin that consistency, passion and commitment are among the most important things.

    I must ask you though, if you are developing a business plan as you go through the course? Without a plan and strategy you will struggle.

  8. I’m enthusiastic about this challenge and when I read your post I simply remember every single step I have to make. Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂

  9. I can feel the energy pouring right out of you and onto these pages. Great Job on taking action. Will be back to check on your progress and I’d like to wish you the best of luck in this endeavor.

  10. Hi Keith,

    You have nice and lively pages, great ! Your commitment as also been great and you rewarded for it:)

    I did not know from this mystery 5 week ? Insider info ? 🙂

    Best regards and wish you a lot of success in your journey.


  11. Hi Keith!

    You really seem very serious about this and that’s great! I have been thinking a lot about what has or has not worked for me in the past and how I can turn things around now. When I read and watch what people in the challenge are doing and what their biggest challenges have been it becomes clearer and clearer that taking action, focusing on one thing at a time and being persistent are the keys.

    Good work and I’ll be getting back to your blog! 🙂

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